Marimex ViscoScope process viscometers are durable solutions that require no maintenance. If the inline viscometer is installed and treated in accordance with the operating instructions no basic calibration or re-calibration is necessary.
If you would like to send in the viscometer for a technical inspection, function test, recalibration or repair – during a scheduled shut-down or after mechanical damage, for example – please attach a completed decontamination certificate providing the information requested about the process, medium and cleaning agent.
The decontamination certificate must be attached to the outside of the packaging. Please understand that without this signed certificate we will not be able to process your order.
Our company puts a high priority on the protection of its employees and the environment. The declaration certificate provides the assurance that the viscometer was decontaminated before being dispatched to Marimex. Thank you for your consideration and responsible support in complying with this procedure. It not only helps us to protect the environment and our employees, but also ensures that our facilities are used safely.
Please use the original packaging to return the viscometer sensor in order to prevent damage during transport. Contact us or your local representative at any time if you no longer have the original packaging.
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