Synthetic resin - a basic material in many applications

Synthetic resins are required for an extraordinary range of products, e.g. as a raw material for lacquers, impregnating agents, adhesives, coatings for chipboard or as an additive in mortar.
Viscosity plays a decisive role in the manufacture of synthetic resins as this is a reactive process. With a ViscoScope VA-300 / VS-4450 process viscometer, the entire production process is documented.
The solvent is placed in a reactor and solid, liquid or gaseous substances added. These substances dissolve through agitation and heating to form longer chains of molecules and a corresponding increase in viscosity. If this reaction were not stopped, the resin would react completely and contents of the reactor turn into a solid. The only way to remove the resin from the reactor would then be by mining.
In order to prevent this from happening, the reaction must be stopped at the specified point. This point is detected using a ViscoScope inline viscometer.
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