Filling aids for preserved foods

When manufacturing preserved foods it is often necessary to us a filling aid in order to distribute and hold the ingredients homogenously in the liquid.
A filling aid is a gel made from water, guar gum and other ingredients that depend on the filler's application. This gel is filled into a tank and pumped through a bypass where its viscosity is measured and adjusted using the ViscoScope VA-300 / VS-4450 inline viscometer.
The specified viscosity range is determined by the additional ingredients, e.g. vegetable pieces, which are distributed homogenously through the liquid by an agitator. It is important that the viscosity is not too low otherwise these ingredients will not remain suspended in the resting gel but will sink.
The product is now canned, sealed and transported to the sterilisation plant. Sterilisation requires rapid heating of the contents throughout the can. This irreversibly destroys the gel, which decomposes. If the viscosity of the gel were too high, the heat would be unable to penetrate to the heart of the can. The contents would therefore be unsterilised and a portion of the gel would not have decomposed.
ViscoScope viscometers allows operators of such plants to adjust the viscosity of the gel much faster as they no longer have to wait for the results of laboratory tests on samples. This is a significant factor in production efficiency if four tanks are in operation simultaneously.
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